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In 2020, Library Bar was created and launched in 2021. Library Bar was created for authors to express their work in their own way on a platform where readers can engage with their favorite authors. Our goal for our guests is to ensure you get the full experience of being a reader and author on one platform. We truly believe reading takes us to many places of tranquility, adventure, and knowledge that we never knew we could tap into one book after the other. It gives us a chance to step into someone else's story and escape with no guilt. Authors, this is your platform to engage with you audience and showcase your work of art. Readers, this is your platform to engage with various authors, begin crafting your potential writers hand and explore through many books and articles. 

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Meet the Owner 

"The mission is to create a hub for authors, readers, and writers to share their work, art, and passions." 

My name is Jeffrey Frierson Jr. and we thank you for checking out the Library Bar! Reading has always been our #1 favorite thing to do. When we recommend a book to someone and they enjoy that book, it brings us joy to know they got to experience peace, knowledge, and meditation through reading. If I'm not reading, I'm working in leadership roles to create community service events in the DMV area and enjoying playing basketball at the YMCA. Creating Library Bar was important for us because this platform will not only create a hub for authors, readers, and writers; it will also become a staple in many communities deprived of an abundance of books and learning tools. We want everyone who comes to visit the bar to seek out the book they've been looking for and finding time to read responsibly. 


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